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Work has begun to extend the lab

New Group Member

Allan Johnson joins the group as a post doc after completing his PhD at Imperial College London.

New name

We have a new name! Ultrafast dynamics of quantum solids (UDQS). We decided to change the name of the group to better reflect the direction our group is taking. More details on how we combine ultrafast optical and X-ray techniques to study the properties of quantum solids will appear soon!


UDQS uses light to understand and manipulate the properties of solids by exploiting their non-equilibrium response to femtosecond pulses of laser light. We aim to understand how electrons, phonons and spins interact to determine the properties of materials, such as magnetism, insulator-metal transitions and superconductivity. We investigate how light can be used to effectively and efficiently manipulate these interactions in order to control material properties. This is achieved by exploiting the ultrafast timescale in order to access that are not possible in thermal equilibrium.

In order to probe these processes our group combines advanced laser-lab based time-resolved optical spectroscopies with cutting edge experiments that can only be performed at world-leading, large-scale research facilities. This enables us to exploit the full power of the electromagnetic spectrum and utilize wavelengths from hundreds of microns down to sub-nanometers.

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Dr. Simon Wall



Simon Wall

Group Leader
Luciana Vidas

Luciana Vidas

PhD Student
Daniel Perez Salinas

Daniel Pérez Salinas

PhD Student
David Moreno Mencia

David Moreno Mencía

PhD Student
Alberto Ramos

Alberto Ramos

Post Doc
Elias Martinez

Elías Martinez

Post Doc
Nina Fleischmann

Nina Fleischmann

PhD Student
Allan Johnson

Allan Johnson

Post Doc

Former Members

Javier Prada Rodrigo - Summer Student
Daniel Schick - Visiting Scientist
Nadia Milders - Masters Student
Marc Toni Mas - Summer Student
Arianna Frelek - Summer Internship
Timothy Miller - Post Doc
Daniel Wegkamp - Post Doc
Vera Sala - Post Doc
Eric Dilcher - Summer Internship
Klaudia Golos - Summer Internship


Light control of orbital domains: case of the prototypical manganite La0.5Sr1.5MnO4

T. Miller, M. Gensch, S. Wall
Physica Scripta 91, 124002 (2016)

Recent Developments in Ultrafast X-ray Techniques for Materials Science Applications

S. Wall and M. Trigo
Synchrotron Radiation News 29 13-18 (2016)

Resonant optical control of the structural distortions that drive ultrafast demagnetization in Cr2O3

V. G. Sala, S. Dal Conte, T. A. Miller, D. Viola, E. Luppi, V. Véniard, G. Cerullo, and S. Wall
Physical Review B 94, 014430 (2016)

Ultrafast optical response of the amorphous and crystalline states of the phase change material Ge2Sb2Te5

T. A. Miller, M. Rudé, V. Pruneri, and S. Wall
Physical Review B 94, 024301 (2016)


A View of the laser table in ultrafast lab in Barcelona.

Tim and Luci performing X-ray holography measurements at the BESSY synchrotron in Berlin, Germany.

X-ray diffraction set up at the SACLA free electron laser in Japan.
More Lab pictures and description coming soon!

Positions Available

We currently do not have specific positions available. However, funding may be available for post docs with an excellent publication record in ultrafast physics and/or condensed matter physics.German post doc applicants are encouraged to make use of the Alexander von Humboldt fellowship. We also welcome people interested in masters projects and internships. Please contact Simon Wall for more information

UODS group October 2016



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